Principle of Indemnity

To understand insurance one must first grasp the principle of indemnity.¬† The theory is applied to insured losses and seeks to provide fair compensation.¬† Fair compensation to parties, the insured and the insurance company is required.¬† Resolving most losses is unambiguous.¬† Others test the service skills of the insurance agency and require both the insurance […]

All- Around Safer Driving

When‚Äôs the last time you consider the impact of a street or highway intersection? For us, it was on our first trip to Savannah, Georgia. Intersections should be designed with driver and passenger safety in mind. However, In the US, roughly 2.5 million auto accidents occur in intersections each year. That’s 10% of the 250 […]

What is an Insurable Interest?

  Most of us buy insurance.¬† We buy insurance for our homes, autos and even our lives.¬† But have you ever consider what would happen if you tried to buy insurance on the building owned by the company you worked for?¬† Any answer other than no will raise red flags. First off, you most likely […]