Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Building Insurance

Commercial Buildings

Buildings that are considered Commercial Property fall under a wide range of structures. Offices, retail, warehouses, garages, hotels, and many other items are considered Commercial Property. Insurance requirements for Commercial Buildings also vary.

Functional Replacement Coverage

Old Factory

As time passes some buildings are no longer used for the purpose which they were originally designed for. When this happens so may insurance requirements. Can Functional Replacement Coverage better serve your commercial building insurance needs? Learn more.


Storm damaged Commercial Building. Coinsurance?

Coinsurance has a significant impact on the coverage limits applicable to your Commercial Building Insurance. Learn more….

Vacant Buildings

Vacant Commercial Building
Vacant Commercial Building

Buildings that are vacant have different risks than those that are occupied. Most Commercial Property policies have language that excludes coverage for the vacant buildings. What risks are you exposing yourself too by having a vacant building? Continue for additional information.

Certificates of Property Insurance

Proof of Insurance

There are many instances where you may need to provide proof that your building is insured. If your business owns a building and has a mortgage, you will need a certificate of insurance to provide to the mortgage holder.

In some cases, Landlords demand that insurance be provided by the Tennant and again you will need to provide a certificate of insurance. Learn more..