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Neither Rain Nor Snow
The Greek historian Herodotus is credited with the saying, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” His words were describing the dedicated work ethic of the Angarium, Royal mounted couriers in ancient Persia.
Rural letter carriers often struggle to find auto insurance coverage.  However it's easy once you find the right agent.  TruePoint Insurance can help.
USPS Rural Letter Carriers can get Auto insurance at an affordable price. It’s not as difficult as you might think.
Two thousand years later the famous words of Herodotus are now used to accurately describe another group of couriers, the US Postal Service. Granted lots have changed over two thousand years. Technological advancements and modern transportation systems have simplified the process of accurate and timely delivery of mail. However, not all advancements have made the life of mail couriers easier.
For most of us, buying auto insurance is a rather simple process. However, for independent or rural mail carriers, obtaining auto insurance is much more complicated. Finding an agent or broker that is willing to offer mail carrier insurance is a significant challenge. It gets worse; many times those that think they have coverage for their USPS vehicle find out when attempting to file a claim, that they have purchased a policy that does not cover the vehicle while on their route. 
The personal cars of rural letter carriers must be covered by a commercial or business policy.¬† ¬†More specifically mail carrier insurance.¬† While that doesn’t sound like it would create a big problem, it is.
This guy doesn't worry about mail carrier insurance,  (rural letter carriers,  contract carriers, star routes, etc)  they do!
Reasonably prices auto insurance is available for Rural Letter Carriers.
The world we live in postal carriers must still brave the snow and rain.¬† But that’s not their biggest problem.¬† Getting through to an insurance agent that a standard personal auto policy will not provide coverage.¬† The same is true for the standard commercial auto insurance policy, USPS letter carries are not protected.
Still, the mail must go through. mail carrier insurance for USPS rural carriers presents a significant problem. However, the transfer of risk doesn’t have to be difficult, nor should rural delivery contractors worry if they have a policy that will provide adequate coverage in the event of an accident. Visit our website at or call and speak with a TruePoint agent for a quote that will provide you with USPS vehicle insurance.

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Are You Liable For Summer Fun?

Ready, Set, Summer!
Summer generally arrives with a huge surge in recreational activity. School ends and parents start searching for leisure and recreational activities for themselves and their children. The activities range from elaborate vacations or summer-long camps to simply buying play and sports equipment (or getting it out of storage) and renewing park and pool passes.
Summer Fun’s Dark Side
One thing to be aware of is that the simplest activities can go wrong. Using sports equipment such as tennis rackets, baseballs, baseball bats, Frisbee’s, lawn darts, or horseshoes has the potential to harm others. Danger accompanies the use of skateboards, bikes, mopeds, go-karts, and radio-controlled cars, helicopters and planes. A larger concern involves inviting friends over to use your driveway, play equipment or swimming pool. Potential liability comes from either you having fun at the expense of other persons or their property, or failing to take precautions that persons you’ve invited to your residence (or other places) are safe to enjoy themselves.
How to Preserve Your Fun
The easiest way to prepare for your summer liability is to ask the questions:
What can I do to keep other persons safe from my activities?Am I prepared to be responsible for people I hurt or property I damage?How do I make my home and yard safe for fun-seeking visitors?Am I keeping my guests to various events safe?
While accidents happen, many can be prevented by making sure that you and your children enjoy your activities responsibly. Operating bikes safely and in low traffic areas reduces the chance that others will be hurt. The proper use of games and equipment also make the likelihood of having someone injured more remote. In other words, it’s important that your family uses sports and game equipment safely and appropriately. Adult supervision is critical for potentially dangerous activities such as the use of motorized recreational equipment, trampolines, and swimming pools (including small wading pools). It’s also important to make certain that guests you invite for camping or hiking trips are watched after carefully. In many instances, you are responsible for the safety of your guests when you invite them to enjoy outdoor activities, particularly boating or other activities involving water-related equipment.
Home Inspection
Another way to reduce the chance of others being hurt is to do an inspection of your home and yard. Do you have an adequate fence (with secure or self-locking gate) to protect young children from a pool when you’re not around? Is your playground equipment well-maintained and strong enough to support the weight of the children using it? Is your yard and driveway free of tripping hazards? Are dangerous items such as tools, chemicals and lawn equipment kept out of reach of children? If you can answer “no” to any of these questions, you’re inviting trouble.
Insurance Plays a Role
When accidents happen, they may be followed by medical expenses and, more seriously, lawsuits. You must be protected against such financial consequences. Don’t assume you have coverage, especially when an activity involves motorized or powered equipment. You may have to add coverage to your homeowner policy or even buy special coverage for mini-bikes, mopeds, boats, all-terrain vehicles, etc.
So make safety a part of getting ready for summer fun. It’s also smart to include a visit or call to your insurance professional to make sure you have the right coverage to support a fun summer.
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