The FMCSA and Electronic Logging Devices

Already planning your New Year’s Eve Party for 2017? Consider converting your paper log books into confetti. In 2012, Congress passed legislation which forced the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to require all drivers to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Beginning in December of 2017 drivers that have previously been required to maintain paper log books will be required to become compliant.
Below we have provided a quick summary and insights of some of the more important aspects of the changes:
If you’re a short haul driver you may be exempt: If you meet one of the short haul exemptions found in section 395.1(e) you can continue operating as before.
Location Monitoring (On Duty): Every 60 minutes and whenever a change of duty status occurs, ELD’s are required to capture the location within 1 mile.
Location Monitoring (Off Duty): ELD’s will continue to capture location data while off duty. However, in an effort to respect privacy, data will be captured within a 10 mile radius.
Electronic Data Transfer: Not only must logging devices capture data electronically; they must also have the ability to transfer data electronically via a wireless web service or by Bluetooth and or USB 2.0 transfer.
Editing your ELD: Drivers will be able to edit their electronic logs, however electronically captured data will remain and cannot be deleted. Employers will also be able to edit the log, but this may only be added to an electronic device after driver approval.
Older ELD like devices: Automatic On-Board Recording devices may continue to be used until December 2019.
Before You Buy: A list of approved manufacturers and certified devices is available. This list is provided by the FMCSA and should be consulted prior to purchasing your new ELD.
The information is not meant to be a complete review. Addition exemptions related to the age of your vehicle, the number of days worked in a month and others are available. For complete information on the ruling go to the FMCSA website at: