Insurance Solutions for Kentucky Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

 “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”  That is the sound of a new heavy-duty pickup truck owner that has just been told that he can’t get insurance.  Unfortunately, your insurance agent probably isn’t kidding you, (s)he most likely can’t or doesn’t know how to obtain coverage for a vehicle that has a GVW of 10,000 pounds or more.  Before heading back to the lot to get your money back pause, take a deep breath and read on.

You can get insurance at a reasonable price

If you have just purchased a F-450 or higher, certain F-350, a Silverado 3500 or any other heavy duty or super duty pickup truck, you may have to find insurance alternatives.  While your agent may not have the ability to insure your truck, there are agents in Kentucky that can.


We can help you buy reasonably priced insurance for your new heavy-duty pickup truck.  Learn more about the insurance options available to Kentucky residents by calling a TruePoint Truck Specialist today at (502) 410-5089. 

9 Ways to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage

Living in Fisherville, KY puts some of the most beautiful parts of the country right in your backyard. With winter starting, boat owners need to plan a storage strategy for their watercraft. Proper boat storage prolongs the life of your investment, it keeps it safe from damage and theft and ensures that it’s ready when you need it. Use these tips to make sure your watercraft is wrapped up tight before the winter weather stays.

Clean Everything

  • Empty and sanitize coolers and cooking equipment. Dry thoroughly before wrapping in plastic.
  • Sweep and mop floors, ceilings, windows, and walls. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove all traces of moisture.
  • Remove rugs, curtains, and other fabric accessories. Take them to the cleaners or run them through the washer. Wrap in plastic for storage.
  • Go through all cabinets and cubbies. Remove anything that could spoil, leak, or cause a fire hazard.

Mechanical Matters

  • Flush the cooling system with water to remove dirt. Drain all water from the engine.
  • Empty the fuel tanks to prevent damage-causing condensation.
  • Use an aerosol cleaner to remove gunk and corrosion from the fuel system and other engine parts.
  • Change the oil and top off other fluids.
  • If you can, remove the starting batteries. Store them in a dry, warm place. Cold weather drains battery power and makes them unreliable even after charging.

Don’t forget to call your insurance company. Most boat insurance policies allow you to suspend coverage when your boat is laid up for the winter.

Need to know more about boat insurance? TruePoint Insurance serves the Fisherville, KY area with policies for all of your important possessions. Contact the agents at TruePoint Insurance to learn more about protecting your motorized toys.


Insuring Kentucky Restaurants


Restaurants without insurance don't stay in business long.  Call TruePoint and speak with a Kentucky restaurant insurance  specialist.
Great Home Cooking, Bad Home Cooking, Little Middle Ground The same can be true with commercial insurance agents.


Factors Influencing Premiums

Obtaining insurance for a restaurant is fairly simple.  However, finding the correct coverages at a reasonable price may be a bit more difficult.  Different cuisines, Franchises versus Mom and Pop, and the processes utilized for cooking are just a few of the factors that may influence a restaurants premium.  Other factors can have a more dramatic impact on premiums.  Alcohol sales, entertainment (such as live music or karaoke) and dance floors may make it harder to find coverage, which by default will push the cost of coverage higher.


Restaurant Safety                                               
Don't forget liquor liability coverage.  If you have a bar or serve alcohol of any kind this coverage is essential.
Don’t forget liquor liability coverage

Cooking areas are required to have automatic fire extinguishing devices.  Hoods and filters must be in place if grills and deep fat fryers are used.  Additional requirements will be fuel shut-offs, hand-held fire extinguishers, as well as receipts providing proof that inspections and hood cleaning are being performed as required.

insuring restaurants begins in the kitchen.  Call TruePoint Insurance for insurance risk profile
Restaurant Safety Starts in the Kitchen

Minimum Coverages

At a minimum, the following factors must be considered before purchasing a commercial insurance policy for a restaurant:

  • Property Coverage-building, equipment, and inventories
  • Autos
    • All vehicles owned by the businesses
    • Employee vehicles should be covered by a hired and non-owned vehicle policy if they are used in business activities (even it’s occasional)
    • It is important that you make your agent aware of any vehicle, owned or non-owned, that is used for delivery
  • Business Income –In the event, your business is temporarily shut down due to a covered cause of loss, restaurants with business income coverage can access their insurance policy for loss of income.
  • Workers Comp Coverage-Is mandated and enforced by each state
  • If you server alcohol, your restaurant will need Liquor Liability Insurance.

This quick summary of restaurant insurance is not meant to be inclusive, nor is it a one size fits all.  Each restaurant is unique and insurance requirements vary.  If you would like additional information regarding a restaurant in Kentucky Tennessee or Indiana, contact a TruePoint Insurance Restaurant Specialist at or visit our website at

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

It's the most important day of your life.  You want it to be perfect, put there are no guarantees.  Reduce your risk with a wedding insurance policy.
Who would you risk the most important day of your life? Trust TruePoint to protect your wedding day.

   Weddings, regardless of the current economy, are still quite expensive events. The average cost of a wedding still approaches $30,000. Insurance has become a necessary component to provide special protection for this extremely important, personal event.

Coverages vary, read your policy

Wedding insurance is not standardized, so policy wording can be quite different among the specialty insurance companies that offer protection. Wedding insurance can help protect against the huge expenses suffered if, for certain reasons, the wedding is either postponed or is canceled. Protection can be purchased to respond to loss involving unrecoverable expenses as well as to lawsuits that result from a wedding that is not held as planned.

Policy Coverages

Usually, to qualify for coverage, a wedding’s cancellation or delay has to be caused by an eligible source of loss/disruption such as catastrophic weather, a church where the wedding is to be held suffers smoke damage and is suddenly closed, or the reception caterer closes her business the day before the wedding.

Items covered by the policy are usually expenses that can’t be recovered (non-refundable). Eligible expenses often include the following:

  • Facility Rental (church, reception halls, etc.) Costs
  • Catering Costs
  • Clothing Rental Fees
  • Floral expenses
  • Photographer Fees (in some cases, videographer fees may also qualify)
  • Hotel Costs
  • Transportation Costs (limos, taxi costs for transporting a wedding party or guests incurred by insured or honoree)
  • Air Transportation
  • Other miscellaneous, non-refundable costs

Eligible expenses include those related to the honeymoon as well. Examples of “Other expenses” may be the deposits for services, such as florists, entertainers, etc. Naturally, payment of these costs is subject to the policy’s limit.

Wedding Personal Liability

Liability coverage protects against losses or lawsuits that allege that the insured/honoree is responsible for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to a third party. However, any claim must be due to an incident that takes place at the wedding (including reception). The coverage obligation includes a duty to legally defend an insured/honoree against claims/losses.

Example: The Bridals are sued by a best man who was seriously injured when the nervous groom turned abruptly to get the wedding ring and knocked the best man off a podium.

Additional Coverage

Many wedding policies offer additional coverages such as:

  • Photographs and Video Coverage
  • Gift Coverage
  • Rented Property Coverage
  • Special Attire Coverage
  • Jewelry Coverage

Your policy may give you the option to add Liquor Liability coverage.  If you plan to sell alcohol this policy should be a requirement.  Open bars?  Your liability is the same whether you are selling or serving.

Weddings are expensive.  But cutting corners on the insurance for your big day, well that might cost you more than wedding.  Get liquor liability and a professional bartender.
Cut the right corners when planning your wedding.

Do yourself a favor

When some accident comes about to turn the big day into the big cancellation or the big disaster; having wedding insurance could take the financial sting out of the situation.

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