Is Commercial Insurance a Requirement for Your Company?

Some companies need commercial insurance, and some do not. That might come as a surprise to some people who are planning to start up a company because they automatically think any business is required to have a commercial insurance policy. Others may not think about commercial insurance at all. But if a Fisherville, KY company is strictly online, for example, and does not have customers coming to them in person, they may not need insurance on a commercial level. This is especially true for companies that operate online and do not have employees, such as sole proprietorships. There is little need for commercial insurance in these circumstances, but for companies that do need this type of insurance, TruePoint Insurance can help.

The majority of companies will need some form and level of commercial insurance, and because of that, they want to find an insurance agent they can trust and feel good about. That can be done relatively easily when they choose an insurance agent who can provide them with multiple quotes from companies competing for their business. They can then choose the company and policy that is right for them since they have some comparisons to address. With a trusted agent, comparing policies and companies also becomes easier, because there are questions that can be asked and answered before making a choice.

Reach out to TruePoint Insurance today, and protect your Fisherville, KY business with the right type and level of commercial insurance. If you have a business where you think insurance may not be required, it is best to talk to an agent to confirm that. You may be surprised by what you find out, and knowing that before you get your business off the ground is a great way to have confidence and peace of mind.