Online Insurance Quotes Have Arrived!

Relief; the single word accurately describes my feelings the first time I read the phrase “online insurance quotes” The promise of Insurance without the hassle of an agent: Sweet! Online insurance quotes have been around for some time now. But are these so called online quotes really what they’re advertised to be? NO!
Most sites that offer online insurance quotes are limited to personal lines, with the vast majority only capable of providing a quote for autos. Where’s the logic? Most insurance companies offer a substantial discount (up to 25%) if you insure both your home and auto with them. Online insurance quotes for autos only would be akin to a jeweler trying to sell a single ear ring, a shoe store that sold shoes for only your left foot, or a Chinese restaurant that provided dinners one chopstick.
If you’re looking for business insurance online you’re an underdog to find anything more than a glorified lead service. Does this sound familiar? You’ve taken the time to submit the requested information and…No Quote! Just give it sometime….it gets worse. It’s the phone and on the other end is …..Ugh….an insurance agent! Over the next two days, fourteen more agents all. What happened is simple; your information was gathered by a lead provider. They took your information and did the last thing you would want; they sold it. But not to just one insurance agent, multiple insurance agents and in the process made more money than they could if they sold you insurance. God Bless America!
But it doesn’t have to be that way……………………..Personal and Commercial Insurance
Online Quotes, in Real-Time, from a Real Agent
At TruePoint, we claim to be raising the bar regards customer service. While our efforts often go unnoticed, TruePoint’s commitment to customer service is often noticed when clients or prospects visit our Customer Portal. The Portal provides clients with 24/7 access to critical insurance and policy information. Our clients need not worry over not having an up-to-date insurance auto id card, it’s as close as your cell phone. Never dig through boxes looking for a copy of your policy, it’s much easier to find .
Unlike the online quoting described earlier, TruePoint’s online quotes are truly quotes. No waiting on someone to call back; our quotes are online, and in real time. Most importantly, we allow our online user to capture the multi-policy discounts by providing both home and auto quotes. Our online quotes are not limited to personal insurance. In many case commercial quotes can also be obtained in real-time on the company’s website.
Is it time for you to take control of your personal risk management process? Maybe you’re ready for insurance from the driver’s seat, or you might feel that you’d like a little more transparency. Whatever the case, TruePoint has developed a path for you.
Access quotes from up to twelve different insurance companies andBe the first to see your quotes, even before the agent. You decide when and if to bring an agent in. You will not be contacted until you request it.
Take a test drive today. You can try our online rater at .