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or visit our website at www.insuringky.com

Auto Dealer Operations

Auto Dears....Keeping Americans on the Road.  Keeping them in business are the many insurance agents and companies that specialize in auto dealer insurance.
Auto Dears….Keeping Americans on the Road

Garage operations are businesses that have hybrid coverage need. With such businesses, the lines between the general liability for the operations and the automobile liability exposures blur and overlap. A general liability policy does not provide enough coverage and a commercial auto policy provides too much. Fortunately, there is a way to properly handle this need. The Auto Dealers Coverage Form contains premises liability, products liability, automobile liability, and automobile physical damage coverage. Operations that should be protected by this policy include the following:

  • franchise and non-franchise auto dealers
  • truck dealers
  • motorcycle dealers
  • snowmobile and recreational vehicle dealers
  • new and/or used trailer dealers
  • vehicle repair shops
  • service stations
  • storage garages and
  • public parking places

Car dealers and garages need commercial insurance modified to meet their needs.  TruePoint specializes in Kentucky and Georgia Auto Dealer Insurance.
Need help finding the right Dealer or Garage insurance?

The Auto Dealers Coverage Form is flexible, having the ability to cover a wide variety of automobile loss exposures. Besides covering vehicles that are owned by the covered business, it may also cover vehicles that are non-owned (rented or borrowed), trucks and other non-private passenger vehicles, trailers and mobile equipment. Coverage may even apply to vehicles that are privately owned by employees, but were involved in a work-related loss; says an employee who has a collision in his personal car while returning from picking up lunch for his boss and co-workers.

An Auto Dealers policy may also be written to customize how coverage applies to different types of vehicles. For instance, Joe’s Towing Service has a fleet of four tow trucks, as well as a sedan used by the owner. The towing service also does repairs and regularly has customer vehicles on their premises. Rather than having both liability and physical damage on all cars the services either owns or handles, Joe selects the following:

  • Liability and Physical Damage – for his two newer tow trucks and his sedan.
  • Liability only – for his two, older tow trucks
  • Physical Damage Liability only – for vehicles belonging to customers

Like other types of policies, an Auto Dealers coverage form also provides legal defense coverage. In other words, the policy handles the costs associated with defending the policy owner against claims and lawsuits. This protection does not affect the separate limits of insurance that are selected for the liability coverages.

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Fake Insurance

One of the most important actions a person can take to protect against the loss of property is to buy insurance. It involves taking time to find what type of coverage is needed, how much coverage is necessary, what insurer to deal with and whether one can afford adequate protection. Unfortunately, insurance consumers have a serious, additional concern….whether the insurance offered is legitimate.

Insurance consumers are frequently being lured into buying policies that turn out to be fakes. The counterfeit coverage is typically for auto and home

coverage and the practice is particularly concentrated in areas that have suffered catastrophes. Fake insurance is also being offered in areas where legitimate insurance has traditionally been expensive.

Sadly, the coverage is often discovered as fake after a loss has occurred and there’s been an attempt to file a claim. In such instances, a duped consumer has not only lost the money paid in “premiums,‚ÄĚ they now face an uncovered loss.

If you are searching for insurance, it is important that you do so carefully in order to make sure that your purchase is made from a reputable source. The most prudent action is to ask questions and avoid any situation that raises suspicion. Signs that an opportunity is fraudulent include the following:

    • Insurance premiums that are much lower than what is typically offered
    • Companies that downplay any requirements about eligibility for coverage
    • Sources that attempt high-pressure to hurry you into making a decision
    • “Insurers’ that ask for cash (either down payments or full payments)
    • Lack of information about their coverage
  • Applications that include requests for unnecessary financial or personal information

Your best protection against a high-risk scam is to seek out a qualified insurance professional.

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Will my auto policy cover damages if someone else is driving my car?

Lending your car to a friend or relative seems like a nice thing to do. You may trust them completely, and believe that they are the ones who will be held responsible if there is an accident. Due to something called "vicarious liability," you are responsible for what the other operator does. If your friend or relative decides not to pay, you may be able to sue for damages, but you will be held responsible first as the vehicle owner.

At TruePoint Insurance, we can make sure you have a policy which will have limits which are capable of covering all the damages, including property damage and injuries. If the injuries were minor, there will likely be few problems, but you want to be protected in case of major problems. Especially if you want to lend your vehicle to other drivers, you need to make sure your policy covers other drivers. For instance, if you lend your car to your spouse, make sure your spouse is listed on your insurance policy as a driver at your home address.

Another problem could arise if your friend or relative does not have a driver’s license. In that case, you are still responsible for your friend’s actions. You may also have an auto insurance policy which specifically includes coverage of unlicensed drivers, which could leave you personally responsible for all resulting damages. 

The only time you can evade responsibility for the damages when someone else is driving your car is when you did not give that driver permission to operate your vehicle.  If you think you need more coverage, or just have questions, please call TruePoint Insurance and we will be happy to help you.