What Kind of Boats Need Insurance?

One of the most common questions boat owners ask is whether they need insurance, and what kind of boats require such insurance. Based on state law, you are not legally obligated to invest in boat insurance. However, you leave yourself susceptible to a number of issues if you fail to invest in such protection. Whether you live in Fisherville, KY or the surrounding communities, you’ll want to protect your boat. TruePoint Insurance can help. 

Consider What You Paid for the Boat

You do not legally need to have boat insurance to own a boat or even use it. However, first consider what you paid for the boat. Now think about what would happen if your vehicle is involved in an accident while driving it to the lake. Your auto insurance coverage does not protect your boat. This means even if someone runs a red light and crashes into your boat during transport, your auto insurance coverage will not pay for it. 

All Kinds of Boats Can Receive Coverage

If you’re able to take the vessel out onto the water, then it can be protected with a form of boat insurance. Whether you have a sailboat you’re taking down to the gulf, or you have a paddle boat you like to take out on the lake, all vessels can (and should) be protected with boat insurance. 

You are never legally required to obtain boat insurance. However, an accident on your way to the lake, on the lake, or even inside of your garage, may put your purchase at financial risk, and can even put you at risk of paying out due to liability issues. To find out what kind of coverage options are available for you in the greater Fisherville, KY area, you need to give the team at TruePoint Insurance a call today. 

Volunteering and Your Car Insurance

Volunteering in your Fisherville, KY community is a good thing; people should do more of it on a regular basis. That said, being charitable doesn’t change the fact that one still needs transportation to get from point A to point B. You’re going to use your car, covered by a personal policy, and it will raise the question where does a consumer cross the line between personal use and liability protection and being part of a non-profit effort or organization? Remember, the private car insurance policy was crafted based on the assumption the driver is traveling for personal use and nothing else. Regular volunteering is definitely not in that risk assumption and could give a provider a reason to deny a claim when the insurer asks for details leading up to the accident or damage.

Occasional volunteering in Fisherville, KY is not the issue. Risk assumption is based on regular, overall usage of the vehicle. Regular, especially daily volunteer travel, however, is a risk impact and needs to be declared. The usage will be written into a policy update and the risk assumption updated accordingly. This will avoid claims being denied later on for lack of clarification or even raising questions of insurance fraud, a grave accusation of dealing with. Don’t put yourself in that position when helping out your community.

Give the experts at TruePoint Insurance a call and explain the details of what your volunteering consists of. We will examine your current policy for what can be changed or find a new policy that meets your needs better. Then, you can get back to helping others instead of putting yourself in a bad spot. Give TruePoint Insurance a call today to find out more.

Who will require me to have condo insurance?

When you are looking to make a good investment in your future, one great decision you can make would be to purchase a home. For those that do not want to have all of the maintenance requirements and responsibilities that come with a single-family home, another option would be to purchase a Fisherville, KY area condo. When you own a condo, you undoubtedly will need to have a reliable condo insurance policy on your home. There are several situations in which you will be required to carry condo insurance.

Loan Outstanding

The first situation in which you will need to have condo insurance is when you have any loans outstanding on your home. Since it can be an expensive investment, you likely will have to take out a mortgage to finance it. Whenever you have a mortgage outstanding, the lender will likely require that you grow your monthly insurance payments. This will help to ensure that their collateral is properly protected.

Home Association Requirements

If you do not have a loan outstanding on your condo, you still might be required to have a condo insurance policy in place at all times. Most people that live in a condo also live in a condo association. These associations are typically governed by a variety of different rules and regulations. One of the most common regulations is a regulation that will require that you have insurance on your condo. This insurance will not only have to protect the actual property but will also have to provide liability coverage. 

If you are looking for a condo insurance policy in the Fisherville, KY area, you should contact TruePoint Insurance. The TruePoint Insurance company will help you to identify your condo insurance needs and get you into a great policy. 

“Fold It Up This Way”:Five Things You Need To Know About Motor Home Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve Purchased A Motor Home

The staff at TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY knows that the truth about what you need with insurance is the most important factor. The staffers here are honest and will tell you exactly what is necessary to make your motorhome experience the very best that it can be. You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve purchased the motorhome. Now, how do you best protect it?

Arm Yourself With Information 

The best insurance policies are written when consumer and insurance agents know everything there is to know about what has to be protected. It’s your motorhome. Ask yourself some key questions to get your mind rolling as well as your insurance agents.

Arm yourself with answers to these five questions before you consider the amount of coverage and type of coverage you will need for your motorhome:

  • Who will be driving your motorhome? How old is the driver? Will there be other drivers on occasion?  Do you have a clear idea of the driving histories of all of the drivers of your new motorhome?  
  • Where do you plan to take your new motorhome? Will you be driving internationally? Will you be driving out of state? How often will you be driving out of state or internationally?  
  • Where will your motorhome be stored when not in use?
  • Are you going to let others rent your motorhome when you and your family are not using it?

A complete, comprehensive conversation with an insurance agent at TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY today can negate regrets tomorrow. Call us today or come in so that we can discuss how your motorhome can be the rolling bed of recreational freedom and enjoyment for yourself and your family. 

Who buys renters insurance, the tenant or the landlord?

“Who buys renters insurance? The tenant or the landlord?” is easy to answer: The Tenant.

If you want renter’s insurance, you’ll need to contact TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY to get a quote because it’s unlikely that your landlord is going to cover your personal property for you.

Do you need renter’s insurance?

The short answer is: It depends on what you want to be covered. You might not have much going on in your apartment. If it’s a small studio and most of your stuff is in storage or back at mom and dad’s house, what do you need renter’s insurance for? You might not want to bother getting an air mattress and a TV covered if this is just a temporary place.

But before you say no it’s important to consider the liability risk.  Lots of things can happen that could expose you to a lawsuit.  You have friends over and one gets hurt.  You may think your friends aren’t going to sue you.  I hear you, they may not.  What happens if your friend brings a friend and they get hurt.  Different ballgame.  What happens if your negligence leads to fire, you give tricker treaters some bad candy; things can get pretty ugly pretty fast and with the general liability protection included with your renter’s policy you are on your own.  No money to pay claims and no one to help defend you.

But you might not have a choice

It used to be that rental properties were something of a renter’s market. You could always go somewhere else with your hard earned money. Now, landlords know that renters are desperate. Many landlords may require tenants to have renter’s insurance. It might not be fair to tenants, but that’s capitalism for you. When you have something scarce, you tend to leverage it for whatever you can get, and renters insurance takes some of the pressure off of landlords.

But that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. TruePoint Insurance can set you up with a solid insurance package at a reasonable price so that you can cover your belongings in your apartment without breaking the bank. Whether you want to stay protected or renters insurance is part of the lease agreement, it doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive. Contact the agents of TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY to get a quote and get started.

Does My RV Insurance Protect Me When I’m Out of State?

RVs mean time spent with family and friends on the open road. They represent adventures and the opportunity to develop lasting memories of time together. Just as you are required to insure your regular vehicle, you are also required by law to carry insurance on your RV. The situation that an RV represents is different than a normal vehicle and your insurance needs will also be different as well. Consider this; an RV is both a vehicle and a vacation home. When you are looking at various insurance options, it’s important to consider the pitfalls that you could encounter while you are away from home. The team at TruePoint Insurance serves the needs of residents around the Fisherville, KY area. They understand the unique challenges that RV owners face and can show you the options that are available to you.

Policy Options

Just like an auto policy, an RV policy can provide comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. It will go further to provide coverage for the contents of the RV including equipment such as satellite dishes and awnings. It can also provide protection from accidents involving uninsured or underinsured motorists. You will want to make sure that the policy that you select also provides some roadside assistance. If it is not your primary residence and remains on your property most of the year, there may be discount options available. Talk with your agent at TruePoint Insurance about potential savings if you only use the RV for a limited amount of time during a year. If you are in the Fisherville, KY area, feel free to stop by our office to discuss a policy and get a quote. Get ready to hit the road with TruePoint!

What Is Covered by Motorcycle Insurance?

Proper Motorcycle InsuranceIn order to drive a motorcycle in Kentucky, you must have at least the minimum of $10,000 damage per accident, $25,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $50,000 for all bodily injuries per accident. This is only the minimum coverage and will only cover damages and injuries to other people. It also means you aren’t getting any financial protection for yourself in the event of an accident.

However, there is optional coverage you can consider purchasing. In Fisherville, KY, and the rest of the state, personal injury protection must be added to auto insurance. However, it is not required for motorcycle insurance, but could be an option for those who want additional coverage. This insurance will help cover your medical costs should you become injured in an accident. This insurance will provide coverage, no matter who caused the accident.

An agent at TruePoint Insurance can explain optional coverage. Other options can include collision coverage, which covers your motorcycle if it is damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your bike from damage that isn’t related to an accident. A motorcycle can be a huge investment, and some collision and comprehensive coverage will help pay for repairs so that you can take full advantage of your investment.

Other optional coverage includes medical payments to help pay for hospital costs if you’re injured in an accident. This is a useful type of insurance to have if your health insurance is lacking, or has a high deductible where you have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket costs. Even though insurance is mandatory, having uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will help protect you if there is an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance.

Contact TruePoint Insurance to get a quote for motorcycle insurance. Our agents can answer your questions and help you get started on a motorcycle insurance policy.

Understanding your home insurance deductibles

Deductibles with Truepoint Insurance

For many years, deductibles have been considered to be a fundamental element of the insurance contract. It is therefore vital to understand its importance when insuring your Fisherville, KY home to reap the benefit of your insurance policy.

A deductible is an amount of money the insurance holder pays towards an insured loss. Therefore, a financial obligation by the insurance holder since it forms part of the insurance contract. On many occasions, the amount you come up with as the deductible is paid before a claim.

Insurance deductibles have basics as explained below:

How to identify the amount of your deductible

On your contract, the insurance deductible is listed under the terms and conditions section which is on the declaration page of the insurance policy. As a homeowner, you will choose the deductible amount for your home and the contents. The policyholder chooses how much the deductible will be, but the insurance company sets the minimum deductible depending on the insurance policy, but regardless, the higher the deductible, the lower the cost of insurance.

How to save money with a deductible

As an insurance holder, despite the fact that you pay the premiums, you might not have claims every year. It is, for this reason, an advantage especially in instances where you pay higher deductibles or an increased amount of deductible more than the minimum since you will be able to save a good percentage on your insurance cost.

How to identify a loyalty deductible

It is important to understand the costs for each deductible on each policy. In case a policy has a waiver, and its cost is the same as policy without a waiver, then consider it as a loyalty advantage and a pleasant characteristic of the coverage you are purchasing. If there is a cost attached, then as the policyholder, it is upon you to contemplate whether it is worthwhile to pay more.

Being one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Fisherville, KY, Truepoint Insurance offers help with home insurance policies. Contact our offices to speak with an agent and to have your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who Needs Flood Insurance

Flood insurance isn’t usually a standard part of a homeowners or renters insurance policy. Not everyone needs to buy a separate flood insurance policy from TruePoint Insurance, serving Fisherville, KY, and the surrounding region, though. Some people are more prone for a flood than others and only some must have it.  

1. High Risk Areas

If you live in a high-risk area for flooding, you want to purchase a flood insurance policy to protect your assets. You also want to if you’re at a moderate risk for flooding. It’s important to discuss your risk with the insurance company, so you can determine exactly what risk you have for flooding. 

2. Could be Required

Those who live in an area at a high risk for flooding may be required by the lender to have flood insurance. You should contact your lender to determine what type of coverage you need in addition to a standard homeowners insurance policy. Keep in mind, you could experience legal troubles in addition to financial ones if you’re caught without flood insurance.

3. Flooding in the Past

Even if you don’t live in an area prone to floods, if you’ve had flooding in the past, you don’t want to take any chances. It’s beneficial to have flood insurance just in case it should happen again in the future. 

4. Whether You Rent or Own

It doesn’t matter whether you rent or own. You can obtain flood insurance, no matter what. The coverage is a bit different when you rent, so make sure you read the details of your policy to ensure you have all the coverage you need in the event of a flood. 

To get a quote for flood insurance from TruePoint Insurance, serving Fisherville, KY and the surrounding area, call or visit our Kentucky offices.

Getting the Right Type of Life Insurance for Your Family

No one likes to think about death, but it’s necessary sometimes. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you have the right type of life insurance for you and your family. Heaven forbid if you died an untimely death and left behind various expenses on your family. Not only will they be suffering emotionally from losing you, they will also be suffering financially. 

To make sure your family will not have to go through such atrocities, it will behoove you to get life insurance. There are many types of life insurance available; thus, it’s vital to consult with some reliable and experienced insurance agent to lead you in the right direction. 

If you live in Fisherville, KY or the surrounding areas, there is an insurance company that has highly professional and experienced agents who know the details concerning life insurance. TruePoint Insurance can lead you in the right direction by giving you free quotes, consulting with you on the various types of life insurance available, point out all that is covered, and show the amounts covered with these different life insurance choices. That way, you can properly choose the right one that’s suitable for you and your loved ones. You will never be caught off guard when working with us making sure expenses and financial security are covered if death occurs.


Death is sure to happen to us all, and no one can predict his/her time of death. However, if you live in Kentucky, whether it’s Fisherville, KY or other areas in this state, you can ensure your loved ones are not going through financial perils if and when death occur when working with our insurance agents. We are fully trained, licensed, and experienced insurance agents who know the ins and outs of life insurance, and we work hard for our clients. So, contact TruePoint Insurance today!