What type of valuation is best for your home

When you buy a home whether it is your first home or forever home, it is a major investment. For most families, it is the largest investment they will ever make. It needs to be protected so that you will always have a roof over your head, a place to call home. If your house is destroyed in a fire or other disaster, you want to be sure that you will be able to rebuild, to replace what you had before it was destroyed. 

Before closing on your new home, it is wise to spend time reviewing the home insurance options available to you.  TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY can help you understand the different ways that your home can be evaluated.

Market Value

The market value is what your home would have sold for before it was destroyed or damaged. While it sounds like it is a good deal it is a more expensive option because this valuation includes the price of the land that your house is sitting on.

Replacement Cost

Replacement cost is exactly what it sounds like, your policy would replace the house at the current cost to rebuild including labor. The drawback of this type of valuation is that they have a ceiling which is an amount that the value cannot go above. Some policies have what is called an extended replacement cost that can add an additional percentage to what can be collected.

Actual Cash Value

With actual cash value, if your home is destroyed, the age of the damaged items is taken into consideration. If your windows are warranted for 20 years and you have had them for 15 years, you will not get the cost you paid or even what they would cost to replace today, you have used 75 percent of their value so you would receive 25 percent.

If you live in Fisherville, KY you have the experiences agents at TruePoint Insurance to guide you through the type of home insurance policy that is best for you. Stop by their office or give them a call before you make that all important decision.

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Is Flood Insurance Only Available Through FEMA?

Your home is not automatically covered by flood insurance

Insuring yourself against flood risk is a little different than other insurance policies. Many people mistakenly assume that they have flood coverage through their Fisherville, KY homeowners or renters policy, but they don‚Äôt. In order to protect yourself from flood risks, you need a specific flood insurance policy to cover related losses. While you can purchase federal flood insurance through an insurance agent, most flood insurance policies are administered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and can be purchased by homeowners, businesses, and renters from an insurer who contracts with FEMA.  


What Does Federal Flood Insurance Cover? 

The maximum flood insurance coverage amount is $100,000 for the contents of your home and $250,000 for damage to the structure. Commercial flood insurance through the NFIP provides up to $500,000 for your¬†building‚Äôs materials and $500,000 for damage to the structure. You can also buy what is known as ‚Äúexcess‚ÄĚ coverage beyond the limits offered through NFIP through private insurers. Flood insurance coverage for the contents of your home and damage to the structure is sold separately. Coverage for personal property only applies to its cash value basis, whereas buildings are covered for replacement cost.¬†

Federal flood insurance will cover direct physical losses caused by flooding and losses resulting from flooding-related erosion. For flood loss coverage for cars, ask your TruePoint Insurance representative for information about optional flood coverage through the comprehensive portion of your standard automobile insurance policy. 

Buying flood insurance 

Need flood insurance?  Buy flood insurance from truepoint, If you have a mortgage and your home is located in an area that has been identified by FEMA as a flood zone, chances are, you have been notified that you need flood insurances.  If not consider review the previous link regarding who needs food insurance.  If you would like additional information, one of our agents will be more than happy to assist. 

When buying flood insurance coverage, remember that almost 100 insurance companies offer NFIP policies. It’s easy to purchase. You can purchase a Federal flood insurance policy directly from an insurance professional. However, it does require a waiting period of 30 days before the policy takes effect.¬†

Flooding can occur at any time and threaten your Fisherville, KY home, so don’t wait until the last minute to purchase it. Call TruePoint Insurance today for more information about protecting yourself from the risks of flooding. 

Do you need flood insurance? Learn more about the people insured by the National Flood Protection Program.

Term Life Insurance and invest the rest

At TruePoint Insurance, agents help the residents of Fisherville, KY find insurance that meets their unique needs.  We approach the client’s life insurance needs in the same manner.

Term life is an excellent choice for individuals who want to make sure that their final expenses are covered. It’s also an option if you want to have the policy mature within a specific period. A term life policy offers a variety of benefits that other types of life insurance don’t.

Specific Time Frame

Term life insurance is written for a specific number of years. Each payment is used to add equity to the policy until it matures at the end of the designated term. Term life policies can be written for 10, 20, or 30 years, depending on how big the plan is and how much you want your monthly premiums to be.

While Life and Universal Life Build Equity, Term Life DOES NOT

Whole and universal life policies are often referred to as permanent life insurance. The term permanent life relates to the fact that these policies do not have an expiration.  In addition, the permanent policy develops equity which continues to grow as you make payments.  

While the cash value grows slowly at first,  once the equity has reached a certain amount, you may have the option to borrow against it. This is an excellent option if you have an emergency when you need access to cash. You can then pay the loan back by paying an additional payment every month.

The drawback to permanent policies:  A Significantly Higher Premium

Lower Payments

The fact that term insurance policies don’t guarantee to ever pay the a penny is a negative for many. To answer the question of term or permanent life insurance you should start by asking yourself two questions: 1) As your progress through the various stages of life, will your life insurance needs change? 2) Is a permanent life insurance policy the best investment vehicle available to you?

It is a common belief that young families receive the greatest benefits of life insurance. There are many reasons that support this argument. While this age group is least likely to collect from a term insurance policy, the risk of not having protection is by far the greatest.

Young couples have may have a lot of balls in the air. Couples with children have legitimate concerns regarding their wellbeing should something happen to one or both of the parents. Increased demand for insurance among young couples can also be magnified if one spouse is the primary breadwinner.

The inflated insurance demands will in many cases be short lived. As children leave the nest insurance needs decline. Over time savings increase, further reducing the demand for life insurance.

It is normal that insurance needs are greatest for young families. It is also normal that young families have less disposable income. The lower premium associated with term life is often a much better fit for families that are just getting started,

While the primary benefits of a term policy is the lower monthly premiums Permanent polices act as both an investment vehicle and an insurance policy.  For years the relative value of Term Life has been debated.  Proponents argue that consumers should buy life insurance from companies specializing in such and allocate investment monies to those providing professional investment services.  For years the call to action for this group has been ” Buy term and invest the rest.”

If you live in the Fisherville, KY area and have questions concerning term life insurance, call the agents at TruePoint Insurance and schedule an appointment. They will go over all of your questions and make sure you have the answers you need to make an informed choice.

Do You Need Commerical Insurance For A Business Providing A Service?

If you are the owner of a business that provides services to clients or the public, you may wonder if you need insurance, especially if you operate from home. All businesses that provide a service should have some level of coverage, even if it is liability coverage.

Businesses Providing A Service

If your company or organization provides a service to people, you need protection. You never know when you or someone you work for will be injured or suffer a loss. You can be held accountable for any incidence, and it can cause financial devastation without the right coverage for your market. Some businesses that need reliable coverage include lawn services, repair services, home health, in-home daycare, and more. Speak with an insurance expert to find out what type of coverage suits your business needs and make sure you don’t have costly gaps.

Working With An Expert

Always choose an agency that has expert agents when it comes to commercial insurance. They will help you find security and peace of mind with high-quality insurance products that protect you from a variety of dangers an potential threats to you and your business. If you live around the Fisherville, KY area, you can trust TruePoint Insurance to guide you in the right directions and present options that you need.

Don’t take chances if you provide a public service. Something could happen at any time and can jeopardize your career and your financial situation unless you have the right insurance coverage. Call or stop by TruePoint Insurance, proudly serving the residents in and around the Lawrence and Fisherville, KY area. We will work with you to find a policy that fits your situation and answer all of your questions.

What Kind of Boats Need Insurance?

boat insurance, ky boat insurance, buy boat insurance, find boat insurance, does Kentucky require boat insurance, houseboat insurance, watercraft boats, speed boat insurance, insuanceWhether you live in Louisville or Lexington or the surrounding communities, you’ll have no trouble finding a great body of water.¬† The Kentucky River, Ohio River, Mississippi River, and many other’s present awesome waterways for Kentucky boaters.

Kentucky is also home to many great lakes.¬† Near the cities of Benton, Murray, Cadiz, Princeton, and Eddyville you will find two of Kentucky’s treasurers.¬† Kentuck Lake and Lake Barkley combine for over 340 sq. miles of beauty and fun for all kinds of water-related activities.¬† ¬†Other notable Kentucky lakes include Lake Cumberland, Barren River Lake, Lake Laurel, Green River Lake, Cave Run, and Rough River Lake.

One of the most common questions boat owners ask is whether they need insurance, and what kind of boats require such insurance. Based on current state law, you are not legally obligated to invest in boat insurance. However, you leave yourself susceptible to a number of issues if you fail to invest in such protection.¬† Summer boating season will be here before you know it.¬† Don’t make the choice to go without boat insurance without first considering the cost.¬† Take a moment to continue reading, visit TruePoint boat and watercraft online or for a boat insurance quote call (502) 410-5089.

Consider What You Paid for the Boat

Does Kentucky require boat owners to have insurance?¬† No.¬† In Kentucky, it is legal to own and operate personal watercraft without insurance.¬† That includes boat liability insurance. boat insurance, how much does boat insurance cost, call for a boat insurance quote, boat insurance companies, sailboat insurance, cheap boat insuranceBut before deciding to forgo watercraft boat insurance, first, consider what you paid for the boat. Now think how many opportunities there are for severely damaging your boat.¬† On the way to the lake, you can relax a bit.¬† As long as the boat is on a trailer being towed by your insurance truck or car, the liability exposure of the boat will be picked up by your auto insurance.¬† Once off the trailer, the boat is your responsibility.¬† During the process of unloading your boat, it’s possible for you to damage another boat.¬† Just as easily you might also damage their truck, trailer, or even worse, another person.¬† Once on the lake, there is an unlimited supply of exposures.¬† Any of which might damage your boat.¬† Damaging your boat and losing your entire investment would be bad enough, but if you are involved in an accident with another boat, you could potentially be out a boat plus buying a new one for the other party.

Your auto insurance coverage does not protect your boat. This means even if someone runs a red light and crashes into your boat during transport, your auto insurance coverage will not pay for it.  Once on the lake, you will not only have property damage exposure, but you will no longer be protected by any form of boat liability insurance.

All Kinds of Boats Can Receive Coverage

boat insurance, watercraft insurance, personal watercraft insurance, jet ski insurance, what kind of boat can be insured, can i insure a jet ski, can i insurance a personal watercraft, boat insurance cost, best boat insuranceIf you’re able to take the watercraft out onto the water, then it can be protected with a form of boat insurance. Whether you have a bass boat or you have a houseboat you like to take out on the lake, all boats can be protected with boat insurance.¬† ¬†Cheap boat insurance can be found, which makes it hard to justify putting on watercraft on the water without proper boat insurance.

Boats are expenses, but liability losses are the greatest exposure for Kentucky Boat Owners.

You are never legally required to obtain boat insurance. However, an best boat insurance, top boat insurance, cheap boat insurance, fast boat insurance, i need boat insurance, bass boat insurance, fishing boat insurance, boat liability insurance, motor boat insurance, houseboat insurance, bass boat insurance, fishing boat insurance, pleasure boat insurance, ski boat insurance,accident on your way to the lake, on the lake, or even inside of your garage, may put your purchase at financial risk, and can even put you at risk of paying out due to liability issues.¬† It’s easy to find out what kind of coverage options are available for Kentucky boat owners.¬† All you need to do is give the team at TruePoint Insurance a call today.

Volunteering and Your Car Insurance

Volunteer, risk, insurance for volunteers, do i need to insure volunteers, does my insurance protect volunteersVolunteering in your Fisherville, KY community is a good thing; people should do more of it on a regular basis. That said, being charitable doesn’t change the fact that one still needs transportation to get from point A to point B. You’re going to use your car, covered by a personal policy, and it will raise the question where does a consumer cross the line between personal use and liability protection and being part of a non-profit effort or organization? Remember, the private car insurance policy was crafted based on the assumption the driver is traveling for personal use and nothing else. volunteer insurance, auto insurance for volunteers, will commercial insurance cover volunteer autos, are volunteer's vehicles covered by insurnaceRegular volunteering is definitely not in that risk assumption and could give a provider a reason to deny a claim when the insurer asks for details leading up to the accident or damage.

Occasional volunteering in Fisherville, KY is not the issue. Risk assumption is based on regular, overall usage of the vehicle. Regular, especially daily volunteer travel, however, is a risk impact and needs to be declared. The usage will be written into a policy update and the risk assumption updated accordingly. This will avoid claims being denied later on for lack of clarification or even raising questions of insurance fraud, a grave accusation of dealing with. Don’t put yourself in that position when helping out your community.

Give the experts at TruePoint Insurance a call and explain the details of volunteer insurance, ky volunteer insurance, ky auto insurance for volunteers, inurancewhat your volunteering consists of. We will examine your current policy for what can be changed or find a new policy that meets your needs better. Then, you can get back to helping others instead of putting yourself in a bad spot. Give TruePoint Insurance a call today to find out more.

Who will require me to have condo insurance?

Louisville KY condo insurance, Ky condo insurance, condo isuranceAmerica has been called the land of opportunity. It has allowed an unthinkable number of individuals the chance to amass fame and fortune. For many, the first step towards success was the purchase of a home.

Although your grandparents may not recognize it, the American dream is still alive. Like most other facets of life, technology has left an imprint on the American Dream.
Mobility for example. Following WW II, construction of the interstate highway system made the dream more accessible. Americans who could now drive further in less time began to work further away from home.
Today we can work from anywhere. Almost anywhere! We are constantly connected. No matter what time of day, or where you are, you will see mobile phones, pads, and computers all around you. Technological improvements have certainly put a damper on workflow relocation. Americans can shop their skills for the highest bid, and often work remotely.
Condos outpacing single family homes
The demand for condos in the US is exceeding supply. Over a five year insure your invest, insure your condo, condo insurance, Lexington KY condo insurance, buy condo insuranceperiod ending in 2017, Trulia reported that Condo sales had risen by 38%. During the same time period, single-family residential homes rose 28%.
Better value. Locations. Demographics. Taste!
Do you still need insurance?
Yes, but it doesn’t come in the same form as a homeowner’s insurance policy. ‘
Achieving the American dream is in large about making good investments. Each of us, when looking to make a good investment, will be confronted with the buy versus rent dilemma.
Buying a home in America has generally been a great investment decision. However, maintaining and protecting the investment is essential.
Yes, single-family homes require serious maintenance and can be a huge responsibility. If you don’t feel like your up to becoming a handyman there is always the option to purchase a condo. Depending on your location that may be an issue. Louisville Kentucky condos shouldn’t be an issue at all. The same is true for Lexington and most of Northern Kentucky. Generally, the availability of condos will be directly related to the size of your town.
When you own a condo, you undoubtedly will need to have a reliable condo insurance policy on your home. As mentioned earlier the form of a condo insurance policy (HO-6) differs from that of homeowners (HO-3). There are several situations in which you will be required to carry condo insurance.
Loan Outstanding
You will need to have condo insurance when you have any loans outstanding on your home. Since it can be an expensive investment, you likely will have to take out a mortgage to finance it. Do you know how often a home lender will tell you, “don’t worry about getting that insurance? I know ya and I know your good for it!”
The answer is: ALMOST NEVER!
And just in case your that 1 in a 1,000,000,000 that does, then run to the nearest insurance agency as fast as you can.
A mortgage gives a lender legal rights. Your home or condo becomes collateral to protect the lender. In the event you don’t pay, you, the lender and a judge will have a meeting at the courthouse. At some point, the judge is basically going to give your house to the bank. outstanding, the lender will likely require that you grow your monthly insurance payments. This will help to ensure that their collateral is properly protected.
If the house burns down and you don’ t have insurance, you’re not going to have a really good impression of the judge.
How often do you get paid?
That’s how often the judge is going to mandate that you stop by the bank and leave the money.
Condo Association Requirements
Do you know what you do when you make your final mortgage payment?
You have a party and you burn it!
You will no longer have a mortgage. You will no longer need an insurance policy to protect the lender.
But don’t cancel your insurance just yet.
Most people that live in a condo are also part of a condo association. These associations are typically governed by a variety of different rules and regulations. One of the most common regulations is a regulation that will require insurance on your condo. Your condo insurance will continue to protect property. But the primary reason for the requirement is it also proved liability coverage.
Earlier we mentioned the need to maintain and protect your investment. There are lots of ways to do this. Painting, maintaining gutters and downspouts, shingles and more. Even better, a short trip to the Ace Hardware store and you’ll be armed.
But none of these will protect your home from, fire, wind, hail, earthquake and many of perils.Potect your condo, insure your condo, buy insurance for conds
The corner Ace Hardware won’t help protect against these. But, a quick trip or call to your local Independent Insurance Agent will!
If you are looking for condo insurance in Kentucky, contact TruePoint Insurance. We will help you to identify your condo insurance needs and get you into a great policy. 

f the maintenance requirements and responsibilities that come with a single-family home, another option would be to purchase a Fisherville, KY area condo. When you own a condo, you undoubtedly will need to have a reliable condo insurance policy on your home. There are several situations in which you will be required to carry condo insurance.

Loan Outstanding

The first situation in which you will need to have condo insurance is when you have any loans outstanding on your home. Since it can be an expensive investment, you likely will have to take out a mortgage to finance it. Whenever you have a mortgage outstanding, the lender will likely require that you grow your monthly insurance payments. This will help to ensure that their collateral is properly protected.

Condo Association Requirements

If you do not have a loan outstanding on your condo, you still might be required to have a condo insurance policy in place at all times. Most people that live in a condo also live in a condo association. These associations are typically governed by a variety of different rules and regulations. One of the most common regulations is a regulation that will require that you have insurance on your condo. This insurance will not only have to protect the actual property but will also have to provide liability coverage.

If you are looking for a condo insurance policy in the Fisherville, KY area, you should contact TruePoint Insurance. The TruePoint Insurance company will help you to identify your condo insurance needs and get you into a great policy.  You can take control and help move the process down the road by doing your own condo insurance quote online.

‚ÄúFold It Up This Way‚ÄĚ: Five Things You Need To Know About Motor Home Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve Purchased A Motor Home

RV insurance, rv, insurance, KY, OH, TN, RV insurance, KY RV insurance, TN RV Insurance, OH RV InsuranceThe staff at TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY knows that the truth about what you need with insurance is the most important factor. The staffers here are honest and will tell you exactly what is necessary to make your motorhome experience the very best that it can be. You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve purchased the motorhome. Now, how do you best protect it?

Arm Yourself With Information 

The best insurance policies are written when consumer and insurance agents know everything there is to know about what has to be protected. It’s your motorhome. Ask yourself some key questions to get your mind rolling as well as your insurance agents.

Arm yourself with answers to these five questions before you consider the amount of coverage and type of coverage you will need for your motorhome:

  • Who will be driving your motorhome?¬†How old is the driver?¬†Will there be other drivers on occasion? ¬†Do you have a clear idea of the driving histories of all of the drivers of your new motorhome? ¬†Motor Home, Motor Home Insurance, KY motor home insurance, OH motor home insurance, TN motor home insurance, Cheap motor home insurance
  • Where do you plan to take your new motorhome? Will you be driving internationally? Will you be driving out of Cheap RV insurance, Cheap Motor Home insurance, do i need motor home insurance, do i need rv insurance, insurance for fifth-wheel, insurance for rv, insurance for motor homestate? How often will you be driving out of state or internationally?
  • Where will your motorhome be stored when not in use?buy rv insurance, buy motor home insurance, but fifth wheel insurance, bu insurance for rv, by insurance for motor home, buy insurance for fifth wheel
  • Are you going to let others rent your motorhome when you and your family are not using it?

A complete, comprehensive conversation with an insurance agent at TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY today can negate regrets tomorrow. Call us today or come in so that we can discuss how your motorhome can be the rolling bed of recreational freedom and enjoyment for yourself and your family.

Who buys renters insurance, the tenant or the landlord?

“Who buys renters insurance? The tenant or the landlord?” is easy to answer: The Tenant.¬†

If you want renter’s insurance, you’ll need to contact TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY to get a quote because it’s unlikely that your landlord is going to cover your personal property for you.

Do you¬†need¬†renter’s insurance?

The short answer is: It depends on what you want to be covered. You might not have much going on in your apartment. If it’s a small studio and most of your stuff is in storage or back at mom and dad’s house, what do you need renter’s insurance for? You might not want to bother getting an air mattress and a TV covered if this is just a temporary place.renter's insurance, renter's insurance in ky, ky rent insurance, rent insurance, insurance for renters, insurance for renter's, insurance for apartments

But before you say no it’s important to consider the liability risk.¬† Lots of things can happen that could expose you to a lawsuit.¬† You have friends over and one gets hurt.¬† You may think your friends aren’t going to sue you.¬† I hear you, they may not.¬† What happens if your friend brings a friend and they get hurt.¬† Different ballgame.¬† What happens if your negligence leads to fire, you give tricker treaters some bad candy; things can get pretty ugly pretty fast and with the general liability protection included with your renter’s policy you are on your own.¬† No money to pay claims and no one to help defend you.

But you might not have a choice

Apartment renter's insurance, insurance for my stuff, insurance for renter's, rent insurance, ky rent insurance, where to get renter's insuance, best renters insurance, get renter's insuranceIt used to be that rental properties were something of a renter’s market. You could always go somewhere else with your hard earned money. Now, landlords know that renters are¬†desperate. Many landlords may require tenants to have renter’s insurance. It might not be fair to tenants, but that’s capitalism for you. When you have something scarce, you tend to leverage it for whatever you can get, and renters insurance takes some of the pressure off of landlords.

But that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. TruePoint Insurance can set you up with a solid insurance package at a reasonable price so that you can cover your belongings in your apartment without breaking the bank. Whether you want to stay protected or renters insurance is part of the lease agreement, it doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive. Contact the agents of TruePoint Insurance in Fisherville, KY for additional information related to renter’s insurance.¬† If you are ready to get started on a quote let TruePoint show how to further reduce your cost.¬† We do this by packaging your auto and renter’s policy which reduces the cost on both.¬† Give us a call at 502-410-5059.

Does My RV Insurance Protect Me When I’m Out of State?

RV Insurance, insuring a RV in Kentucky, KY RV InsuranceRVs mean time spent with family and friends on the open road. They represent adventures and the opportunity to develop lasting memories of time together. Just as you are required to insure your regular vehicle, you are also required by law to carry insurance on your RV. The situation that an RV represents is different than a normal vehicle and your insurance needs will also be different as well. Consider this; an RV is both a vehicle and a vacation home. When you are looking at various insurance options, it’s important to consider the pitfalls that you could encounter while you are away from home. The team at TruePoint Insurance serves the needs of Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee residents. They understand the unique challenges that RV owners face and can show you the options that are available to you.

Policy Options

Just like an auto policy, there are many options, creating multiple alternatives to insuring a Recreational Vehicle.  An RV policy can provide comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. It will go further to provide coverage for the contents of the RV including equipment such as satellite dishes and awnings. It can also provide protection from accidents involving uninsured or underinsured motorists. You will want to make sure that the policy that you select also provides some roadside assistance. If it is not your primary residence and remains on your property most of the year, there may be discount options available.

RV, RV insurance, KY RV Insurance, TN RV Insurance, IN RV Insurance, rv insurance quotesOk, that’s a bit of a stretch.¬† I pretty sure your insurance will not cover you that far away from home.¬† So how far can you go and still have RV Insurance coverage?

Keep it in the United States and your good.  Leave the country and you may not have coverage.  For sure, if you are planning a trip with your RV to Mexico you will need to obtain a special policy.  Otherwise, you will not have coverage while there.

Talk with your agent at TruePoint Insurance about potential savings if you only use the RV for a limited amount of time during a year. If you are in the Fisherville, KY area, feel free to stop by our office to discuss a policy and get a quote. Get ready to hit the road with TruePoint!