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Bailee Coverage or Bailee Liability Coverage protects businesses that through the course of business become charged with the care, custody, and control of the property of their clients.  Cleaners, computer repair shops, and watch or clock repair services are all examples of businesses that could be protected by the Bailee coverage option.

Bailee Coverage, normally considered to cover the legal liability of the shop owner can be written in other forms.  If so desired, it could be possible to find an option where claims will be paid for damages even when the business is not at fault.


Associated terms and phrases:
Care, Custody, and Control

Bailee vs Bailor

Bailee is the party that is temporarily entrusted with the belongings and has no ownershipReturn to TruePoint Home Page

Bailor is the part with ownership interest that has left their property in the care, custody, and control of another where certain business services are provided.



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