Insurance Broker

Insurance TerminologyInsurance sales professionals come in many forms. They go by various names and have different strengths and weaknesses. Agents can be classified by their relationship with the insurance company, the customer or both.

The term insurance agent is used widely by the public. But, the term agent is most often used when referring to an employee of the insurance company.

Insurance broker, independent agent and non-captive insurance agent are often used interchangeably.  Each of these classifications describes insurance sales professionals that represent multiple companies.  The level of autonomy varies significantly between agencies.  The same is true regarding the options that they can present to clients.

Insurance Logically, more options are better.  But your search for a top insurance agent needs to go a few steps further.  In your quest to find the best insurance agent for you, consider the benefits associated with an unbiased agent.  To reveal an insurance agents biases, it might be wise to understand how much of the agency’s premium is placed with their top insurance company.  How about the top three?

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