Life Insurance for Seniors: What are Your Options?

As you approach your golden years, you may find that your plan to provide for your dependents isn’t as solid as you’d like. In these cases, a customized life insurance strategy from TruePoint Insurance can help you create a better future for those you may leave behind. While age is an important factor, older residents in the Fisherville, KY area still have life insurance options that can build a stronger foundation for their dependents.

Be Realistic

Your age isn’t the only factor agents look at when considering life insurance coverage. Your agent will also look at your:

  • History of tobacco use
  • Gender
  • Health history
  • High-risk lifestyle activities
  • Driving record

Senior citizens with the right combination of factors can still find affordable and adequate life insurance coverage. Your insurance agent can help you understand how these factors affect your current options.

Try a Term Policy

Term life policies are contracts that provide coverage for a short period of time. The coverage period can be anywhere from a few months to several years. These contracts come with very specific coverage requirements. Your insurance agent can help you create a contract that covers your most likely scenarios to ensure your dependents receive full payment.

Bulk Up Existing Policies

Your existing life insurance coverage may not be enough to cover current circumstances. In that case, your insurance company may be willing to work with you to expand coverage.

Think About Survivorship Insurance

Survivorship life insurance is a highly flexible option for married couples with dependents. The shared risk generally decreases premiums and maximizes potential benefits. These contracts are designed to pay out when the last covered subscriber passes away.

Find the Best Strategy for Your Family’s Financial Future

TruePoint Insurance agents can help you find the life insurance coverage you need for your family’s future. We offer customized policies for residents in the Fisherville, KY area. Call us to talk about your life insurance options.