Summer Savings

Hey, just wanted to share with everyone a link we received from one of our carriers today.  It provides several tips aimed at reducing home and office cooling cost.  Some of their insights are the standards that are repeated every winter and summer, like make sure to change your filter every three months.  However, this list also contains some unique pointers such as:

  • The importance of keeping the fan set to auto

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  • Zone thermostats
  • Heat Efficient light
  • Programmable Thermostats (savings around 10%)
  • Ceiling Fans (potential savings roughly 15%)
  • Clean Condenser (another 10% savings)
  • Stopping there because I’m worried this is going to add up to more than 100.¬† Just joking,¬† I hope you find the time take a look.¬† Just click the link to the right which will take you to a brief article¬†with two relatively short videos.

Note: this is geared towards businesses, however, most of the money savings suggestions will also apply to individuals.