What Kind of Boats Need Insurance?

One of the most common questions boat owners ask is whether they need insurance, and what kind of boats require such insurance. Based on state law, you are not legally obligated to invest in boat insurance. However, you leave yourself susceptible to a number of issues if you fail to invest in such protection. Whether you live in Fisherville, KY or the surrounding communities, you’ll want to protect your boat. TruePoint Insurance can help. 

Consider What You Paid for the Boat

You do not legally need to have boat insurance to own a boat or even use it. However, first consider what you paid for the boat. Now think about what would happen if your vehicle is involved in an accident while driving it to the lake. Your auto insurance coverage does not protect your boat. This means even if someone runs a red light and crashes into your boat during transport, your auto insurance coverage will not pay for it. 

All Kinds of Boats Can Receive Coverage

If you’re able to take the vessel out onto the water, then it can be protected with a form of boat insurance. Whether you have a sailboat you’re taking down to the gulf, or you have a paddle boat you like to take out on the lake, all vessels can (and should) be protected with boat insurance. 

You are never legally required to obtain boat insurance. However, an accident on your way to the lake, on the lake, or even inside of your garage, may put your purchase at financial risk, and can even put you at risk of paying out due to liability issues. To find out what kind of coverage options are available for you in the greater Fisherville, KY area, you need to give the team at TruePoint Insurance a call today.