Broad Form

August 4, 2018 Broad Form (Homeowners Insurance Covered Causes of Loss: Broad Form) The Broad Form is one of three ISO (International Organization for Standardization) use by the insurance industry to define which perils or causes of loss are covered.  Generally, the Broad Form covers the perils covered by the Basic Form (see below): Wind, Hail  […]

Are You a Business Owner? Make Sure it is Protected with Commercial Insurance

Are you a business owner in the Savannah, GA area? Does commercial insurance protect your livelihood? If not, TruePoint Insurance can help. What is commercial insurance? It is a broad type of coverage that provides liability insurance for general business risks. The four most common types of commercial insurance are: Business interruption insurance Commercial general […]

Georgia Garage Liability Insurance

The coverage, it’s in the detailing What is Commercial General Liability Whatever business you’re in, it is likely, that you will need general liability coverage. Commercial General Liability also referred to as CGL, protects your Georgia business in the event of third parties claims. Liability insurance; the cost of staying in business Insurance claims come […]

The Commercial Property Policy

No matter the size or type of business, tangible property is a major asset. A national standard for insuring such property is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial Property Program (CPP). The CPP may be written as a single policy (covering only buildings and property) or as a package that provides property, liability and, other […]

3 Tips for Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Fisherville, KY can be difficult to really understand on a deeper level. Ultimately, you don’t just need to know the general definitions and broad terms of coverage that you have. What you really need is in-depth details about what exactly will happen if something does occur. TruePoint Insurance wants you to know a few things […]

Non-Standard Auto Coverage

Most properly licensed persons who drive cars (including vans, SUVs, hybrids, crossovers or pickup trucks) are eligible for policies designed for standard and preferred drivers. In the insurance world, standard and preferred refer to those who typically: ·Drive vehicles that are relatively inexpensive to repair or replace ·Do not use their cars for business ·Have […]

Homeowners Hurricane Tips

Homeowners that live near coastlines face possible loss by a hurricane. Hopefully, any affected person will own a homeowners insurance policy to help deal with the crisis. However, they must be aware of their responsibilities under the insurance policy in order to take full advantage of any available coverage. The main priority for a homeowner […]

Car Seat to fit your needs and budget!

Knowing how to pick out the correct car seat for your child is vital for your child’s safety! When picking out your child’s car seat it comes down to your personal preference, budget, and what best fits your family. Make sure you’re up to date with the car seat laws in your state and review […]

Telecommuters and Insurance

If you work from your home for part of your workweek and if the situation is an ongoing arrangement with your employer…that’s telecommuting! That is also an opportunity to make special insurance considerations. Consider the following: Property Considerations You may have gaps in coverage because of your work arrangement. You may not have the insurance […]

Home Businesses (Wholesale)

A variety of businesses are routinely operated in homes. This article discusses aspects of particular operations. Refer to Home Businesses – Basics for background information on coverage as well as our other articles discussing different in-home businesses. Wholesale – As a wholesaler, here are some coverage options for your consideration: Businessowners Policy – If you are a manufacturer’s […]