Tackling Insurance Terminology: “What is Libel?”

    August 30, 2018 Libel Defaming another via some permanent source.¬† Damaging the reputation of an individual or entity by publishing false statements.¬† Unlike slander which is considered to occur when the defamation is spoken, libel is generally created through published, written, broadcast or streamed medium or media.     Related Terms and Phrases […]

Are You a Business Owner? Make Sure it is Protected with Commercial Insurance

Are you a business owner in the Savannah, GA area? Does commercial insurance protect your livelihood? If not, TruePoint Insurance can help. What is commercial insurance? It is a broad type of coverage that provides liability insurance for general business risks. The four most common types of commercial insurance are: Business interruption insurance Commercial general […]

The Businessowners Policy

If you own and/or run a smaller business, your insurance needs may be properly handled by a business owners policy (BOP). A BOP is a single form that offers both property and liability protection. Retailers, wholesalers, small contractors, artisan contractors, dry cleaners, restaurants, offices and convenience stores (including those with gas pumps) are eligible for […]

Internet Liability

Each day more people decide to create their own Websites, blogs or otherwise participate in social media activities. The reasons for having a Website or blog vary or other activities range from frivolity to earnestness. Personal Websites and blogs commonly describe the host, his or her family, and interests such as a particular hobby, sports, […]

Social Media Liability-Part 2

See part 1 which discusses the meaning of social media liability. Social media liability claims can be complicated and expensive since they may involve historical postings. In these instances, defense costs may include electronic discovery or subpoenaing information from any applicable social networking sites. Expenses could expand if a party filing a lawsuit demands information […]

Social Media Liability-Part 1

Social Media Liability-Part 1 Your chances of suffering a loss is increasingly affected by your use of the Internet and, particularly, social media. Increasing your awareness of social media liability loss exposures may help you to minimize or avoid them. Social Media Liability refers to claims for libel, slander, harassment, invasions of privacy, violations of […]

Personal Injury

Unlike accidental events that result in a person suffering a serious injury (called bodily injury) or property that is damaged or destroyed (called property damage), personal injury usually involves one person‚Äôs alleged interference with another person’s legal rights. It also applies to incidents that harm another person’s reputation. Personal Injury commonly includes acts such as […]

Contractor’s E&O Insurance

If your business has never had to turn in an insurance claim many will tell you to consider yourself lucky. Others may tell you to give yourself a pat on the back. At TruePoint, we will tell you that it is highly likely that both are true. No one enjoys turning in an insurance claim. […]


    August 24, 2018   Slander Defaming another via the spoken word.¬† Damaging the reputation of an individual or entity by making false statements while speaking to another person.¬† Unlike libel, which is generally considered to occur when the defamation occurs through published, written, broadcast or streamed medium or media, slander occurs through oral […]