Barbers and Beauticians Professional Liability

Does your General Liability policy provide sufficient coverage? Many professions are adequately covered by the General Liability policy, however, there are some occupations that are require additional protection, which is only provided by a professional liability coverage. Hair and beauty salons would be one example.
Beautician’s offer a wide range of services which may include hair styling, dressing, arching, applying cosmetics, permanent waving, shampooing, tweezing, facials, trimming, tinting, plucking, bleaching and dyeing, manicures, hair tinting, waxing or applying depilatories, and pedicures. Services at many salons have expanded and today’s beauticians are exposed to an even higher level of risk as they cross into the realm of medical and even surgical procedures.
Current operations may involve tasks such as:
Botox injectionLiposuctionMedispasDermabrasionLaser Treatments
Serving customers may result in losses such as scalp injuries, severe damage to hair, burns, cuts, spinal or joint injuries, and scarring, none of which are covered by a general liability policy. It is critical to acquire the protection of a barbers and beauticians (or cosmetologists) professional liability policy.
Many traditional services are covered under professional liability policies. However, such policies are not standardized and vary significantly from one carrier to another. It is important that your review each company’s application and policy forms reading each carefully to determine what services are covered.
Cosmetologists are required to carry a state license and a minimum amount of training and experience in order to perform their jobs. Barbers and Beautician Professional liability policies require that all insured persons maintain a valid license or certification. Typical coverage includes injuries to persons or to property that is related to the applicable beauty or barbershop operation. There is also coverage for harm connected to application of preparations that are bought at a shop or salon and then are used at customers’ homes. Coverage does NOT apply to preparations made BY the insured.
Barbers and Beauticians professional liability forms don’t protect against losses involving plastic surgery; removal of warts, moles or other growths; use of radiation for the removal of hair; body massage other than facial or scalp massage; sun-tanning treatment or piercing body parts. However, coverage for some services may be added for additional charges.
An insurance professional is the person to talk to when you want to make sure that making the public more beautiful doesn’t include the chance of ugly, uninsured losses.
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