Knowledge is King. Be prepared to save money on your next car insurance quote.

Be smart when trying to save money on insurance

When reviewing car insurance quotes, it is critical to consider more than price. Sure price is important. It’s extremely important! But it’s also important to get what you pay for and have protection tailored for your circumstances.
Where to Start
You should start by considering the major components of an auto insurance policy.
Kentucky Auto Insurance
I. Automobile Liability Insurance    is distracted driving covered by car insurance
Liability insurance reimburses others when your vehicle is involved in an At-Fault. Coverage is assigned to the specified vehicle. This means your insurance will pay when you or any authorized driver are behind the wheel. Auto Liability insurance covers injuries and property damage.
a. Bodily Injury injuries to other individuals
i. per person $25,000 (KY Minimum Limit)
ii. each occurrence $50,000 (KY Minimum Limit)
Before accepting the state minimum you should ask yourself:
· How long will $25,000 last in the Emergency Room?
· How far will $50,000 go if you hit a van or bus and injure several people?
b. Property Damage reimburses others for damages to vehicles or other property.
how much car insurance do i needi. each occurrence $25,000 (KY Minimum Limit)
Again, ask yourself:
· How many cars did you pass on your way to work today worth more than $25,000?
· What will happen if you rear-end someone that leads to chain reaction? What are the chances of $25,000 covering you if your actions total two or three cars? Five cars? Ten?
Higher limits are available. Limits may be increased to as high as $250,000/ $500,000 for bodily injury and $100,000 for property damage.
If you require higher limits:
A personal umbrella policy is a very cost-effective way to transfer excess risk.
II. Personal Injury Protection
or PIP is a product of the No-Fault System. It covers injuries and other related costs for the driver of your vehicle and passengers.
i. each occurrence $10,000 (KY Minimum Limit)
Higher limits are available
III. Physical Damage `
Property Damage coverage for your car
a. Collision
covers your car in the event of a collision with another car or object regardless of who is at fault. If you are at fault, collision coverage reimburses for the cost of restoration. However, the coverage comes with a risk-sharing mechanism known as a deductible. In an At-Fault accident, your settlement will be reduced by the amount of your deductible. If you are not at fault you will be reimbursed by either the at fault parties insurance or by your insurance. In either case, when you are not the party at fault you will not be required to pay a deductible.
b. Comprehensive coverage   insurance, car insurance
protects your vehicle from risk out of your control. Also referred to as “other than collision,” this coverage protects against Mother Nature. Exposures such as wind, hail, hitting a deer or a falling tree are examples of covered causes of loss. The policy goes beyond covering “Acts of God” by also insuring your car from fire, theft, and vandalism.
IV. Uninsured (UIM) and Underinsured Motorist (UNIM)
coverage is also tied to the No-Fault Insurance System. Used in only 21 states, it covers the insured when the AT-Fault Party isn’t insured or doesn’t have enough insurance.
UIM and UNIM are optional coverages, that help pay medical bills and/or the cost to repair your vehicle. This coverage is utilized only when the other parties insurance is insufficient. Coverage limits tied to and capped at the same limit as your auto policies liability limit.
Do you know the percent of uninsured drivers in Kentucky?
Over 15% of Kentucky’s drivers are uninsured. It gets worse, as the number of underinsured drivers is significantly more. It is critical that you consider how UIM and UNIM coverages may impact you.
V. Other Coverages
Include items such as:
Rental Reimbursement
Loan Gap
New Car Replacement
OEM Endorsement
The above list, while secondary, may include coverages important to your auto insurance.  We highly recommend that these, as well as the other car insurance coverages that we have discussed, be reviewed with a licensed insurance professional.
The old adage, ” a penny wise and a pound foolish” must have been first spoken by an insurance agent.  The old English saying proclaims that it is rather foolish to save a penny today when it will cost you a dollar at some point down the road.  Prudent counsel.
Would you expect to receive that kind of advice today?  NO!!  What we get today is more along the lines of naming your own price.  WHAT!!!  Yes don’t bother to worry about managing your risk, just tell us what you want to pay.  Our computer will carve up, water down, and eliminate the coverages this best way it can.  The end result certainly isn’t a tailored insurance policy, but it does come at the price you want.