Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

It's the most important day of your life.  You want it to be perfect, put there are no guarantees.  Reduce your risk with a wedding insurance policy.
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   Weddings, regardless of the current economy, are still quite expensive events. The average cost of a wedding still approaches $30,000. Insurance has become a necessary component to provide special protection for this extremely important, personal event.

Coverages vary, read your policy

Wedding insurance is not standardized, so policy wording can be quite different among the specialty insurance companies that offer protection. Wedding insurance can help protect against the huge expenses suffered if, for certain reasons, the wedding is either postponed or is canceled. Protection can be purchased to respond to loss involving unrecoverable expenses as well as to lawsuits that result from a wedding that is not held as planned.

Policy Coverages

Usually, to qualify for coverage, a wedding’s cancellation or delay has to be caused by an eligible source of loss/disruption such as catastrophic weather, a church where the wedding is to be held suffers smoke damage and is suddenly closed, or the reception caterer closes her business the day before the wedding.

Items covered by the policy are usually expenses that can’t be recovered (non-refundable). Eligible expenses often include the following:

  • Facility Rental (church, reception halls, etc.) Costs
  • Catering Costs
  • Clothing Rental Fees
  • Floral expenses
  • Photographer Fees (in some cases, videographer fees may also qualify)
  • Hotel Costs
  • Transportation Costs (limos, taxi costs for transporting a wedding party or guests incurred by insured or honoree)
  • Air Transportation
  • Other miscellaneous, non-refundable costs

Eligible expenses include those related to the honeymoon as well. Examples of “Other expenses” may be the deposits for services, such as florists, entertainers, etc. Naturally, payment of these costs is subject to the policy’s limit.

Wedding Personal Liability

Liability coverage protects against losses or lawsuits that allege that the insured/honoree is responsible for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to a third party. However, any claim must be due to an incident that takes place at the wedding (including reception). The coverage obligation includes a duty to legally defend an insured/honoree against claims/losses.

Example: The Bridals are sued by a best man who was seriously injured when the nervous groom turned abruptly to get the wedding ring and knocked the best man off a podium.

Additional Coverage

Many wedding policies offer additional coverages such as:

  • Photographs and Video Coverage
  • Gift Coverage
  • Rented Property Coverage
  • Special Attire Coverage
  • Jewelry Coverage

Your policy may give you the option to add Liquor Liability coverage.  If you plan to sell alcohol this policy should be a requirement.  Open bars?  Your liability is the same whether you are selling or serving.

Weddings are expensive.  But cutting corners on the insurance for your big day, well that might cost you more than wedding.  Get liquor liability and a professional bartender.
Cut the right corners when planning your wedding.

Do yourself a favor

When some accident comes about to turn the big day into the big cancellation or the big disaster; having wedding insurance could take the financial sting out of the situation.

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